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WOW! God's Peace! - Peace on a Paper Plate

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You will need:

  • Paper Plate, or white paper cut into a circle

  • Felt pens

  • Scissors

  • Card

  • Lollipop stick, or you can use a pencil

  • Sticky tape

  1. On the white paper plate draw a blue wavy line across the middle of the plate.

  2. Colour in the sea dark blue and the sky light blue or colours of your choice.

  3. Cut a wavy line going across the middle of the sea but keep 2cm from each edge. Ask an adult for help if you need to.

  4. Draw and cut out a boat shape on card and stick the boat to the end of the lollipop stick with sticky tape. 

  5. Thread the lollipop stick through the wavy line and you will be able to move the boat along the sea holding the lollipop stick.


We'd love to see photos of what you have made - drop us an email

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