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WOW! God's Peace! - Human Sound Effects

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This is your chance to make today’s story come to life with as much noise as you can make.

First prepare everything you need then read the story out loud and use the things you’ve gathered to make the sound effects, or just use your body to make body percussion.

Here are some suggestions of what you might need to prepare:

  • A washing up bowl half full of water (you might want to do this outside) OR fill up the sink or bath so there’s about 8-10cm of water in it (make sure you clear up any splashes at the end!)

  • A pillow case or t-shirt – this is your sail.

  • Tin foil

  • Rice or something similar

  • Saucepan

Read or print the STORY here.

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Here is a recording of the story if you want to use it and concentrate on your sounds.

We'd love to see photos or videos of your story - drop us an email

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