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WOW! God's Love! - Love is Bigger than Fear

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Remember – you don’t have to pray, you can use these activities to think and reflect too.

The man in the story must have been really scared when he got beaten up. We all are scared of different things, and have different worries, but God’s love is bigger than any fear or worry that we will ever have!

Today’s activity will help us think about love instead of things we’re worried about or scared of.


Print out this TEMPLATE, and cut out all the cards, making sure the squares stay attached to the hearts.

  • On the grey v, write or draw something you are scared or worried about, one on each card.

  • Turn your card over so the grey v is on the back, and turn it round so the heart shape is the right way up (it will look like it’s got a white square on top.)

  • Decorate your heart and write LOVE on it somewhere.

  • Now turn your card back over to how it started.

Put on some calming music, you can find some by clinking Extra Bits at the top of this page.

As you listen to the music, look at your worries and fears, and remember that God’s love is bigger and can protect you. Fold your card in half so that your heart covers up your worries.

What do you want to do next?

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