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WOW! God's Fun! - Three Cute Sheep

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You will need:

  • Black clay or playdough

  • White clay or playdough


You can use poster paint to dye your playdough if you wish, but make sure you don't eat any!


Before you start, lay some newspaper or scrap paper out to protect your table. It might be a good idea to separate your clay into 3 parts for each colour, 2 bigger parts for the adult sheep and 1 part about half the size for the lamb.

  1. Using the white clay, make 1 large oval shape for the body.

  2. Then make 3 small balls for the sheep’s head-hair and 2 even smaller pieces for the sheep’s eyes

  3. Take the black clay and roll out a cylinder shape which you cut into 4 equal parts for the legs.

  4. Make an oval shape (smaller than the body) for the head, two ear shapes, a small tail and 2 tiny dots to go inside the eyes.

  5. Stick the ears onto the top of the head, then attach the 3 balls of white to the top of the ears.

  6. Stick on the white eyes to the head and then stick on the black dots in the middle of the white eyes.

  7. Stick the head to the body. Then stick on the legs and the tail.

  8. Repeat these instructions for another adult and a lamb.

We'd love to see photos of what you have made - drop us an email

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