WOW! God's Fun! - Balloon Games

To set up a volleyball game, tie a piece of ribbon between 2 chairs. Then blow up some balloons and tie them off. You might need an adult to help with this bit.

To play with others:

  • Stand each side of the ribbon, in equal teams if you can.

  • Pat the balloon over the net to each other.

  • Count how many times you can keep hitting the balloon before it touches the ground.

  • Try beating your score.

To play on your own:

  • Use a wall as your opponent – pat the balloon onto the wall and keep patting it until it touches the floor.

  • Or if you’ve got space, set up the ribbon as suggested at the top and run to the other side to pat it back over. Keep going until you miss it.

  • Count up how many hits you get, and try beating your score.

What do you want to do next?

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Kidz Klub is run by churches in Old Harlow: Harlow Baptist Church is fully responsible for Kidz Klub and runs events with St Mary's, Churchgate Street.

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