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WOW! God's Friendship! - Friendship Games

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You can play this game with just 2 people or as many people that are in your house.

  1. Stand side by side in a line, person number one should have a cup in their left hand and a plate in their right hand, use plastic or paper plates and cups if you can.

  2. Pass the plate and cup to the next person, making sure the cup always goes in the left hand, and the plate always goes in the right hand.

  3. Go to the end of the line, then repeat.


Extra Challenge

  • Time yourselves and see if you can beat your time.

  • Fill the cup with a little bit of water, and put something on the plate. (You might want to play this outside now!)

  • Put more water in the cup and more stuff on the plate!

What do you want to do next?

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Top Tip

Write an L on the cup & on your left hand, and an R on the plate & on your right hand, then you just have to make sure they match up without needing to remember which is which!

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