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WOW! God's World! - Pavement Chalk Games

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Here are suggestions of some games you can play – you might have your own ideas as well. If you've got some chalk, you can use any pavement you can find, outside your house, or in your garden. Make sure you check with your adults at home if you can go outside at the front, and don’t play in the road.

WOW! God’s World Hopscotch!

Draw your hopscotch grid up to number 7 and draw the days from the creation story inside them (see template for a reminder):

Once you’ve drawn it all, place your chalk on square 1 and hop onto all the other squares in order, missing out number 1. Then try again with your chalk on number 2. Remember to hop in number order, and miss out the square with your chalk on.

You could make this harder by drawing a grid with just the pictures, you have to remember which order God made things in without looking at the numbers.

Here are some other pavement chalk games you might like to try:



Use your chalk to draw some islands around your playing area, these could just be circles. Don’t make them too close to each other. Draw some shark fins in between in the ‘water’. Jump between the islands without falling in the shark infested water.


Chalk Maze

This is a game where you make your own instructions. Create a trail with chalk for someone (or yourself) to follow, using squiggly lines, loops, and other lines. Include how to travel using words like: hop, walk, run, jump. Make stops on the way and include actions like: 5 star jumps, twirl, touch your toes. The possibilities are endless.


Pavement Twister

Use 4 chalk colours to mark out coloured circles in a grid, one line of each colour. Ask your grown up to call out a colour followed by left/right and hand/foot. You have to place that body part on the right colour without falling over. This is great fun with a few people. If there’s only 2 of you, you can both play and call out instructions for each other.


Alphabet Hop

You can play this game in 2 ways:

Write out the alphabet quite spread out on the pavement. One person calls out a word and the other jumps on the letters that make the word. OR – jump on the letters first and the other person tries to work out the word you are spelling.



You will also need to find: a stone per player

Draw circles inside each other, starting huge and getting smaller. Label each circle with a score. Take it on turns to throw your stone into the circles, scoring points for the circles that you land in.

Remember don’t throw stones at each other, and be sensible.

We’d love to see photos of your pavements – send them to

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