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WOW! God's World! - Finger Prayers

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Remember – you don’t have to pray, you can use these activities to think and reflect too.

Day One – Light

Hold up 1 finger and blow it like a candle. Candles give light, which God made on day 1.

Think about light, where would we be without it? Close your eyes and imagine a world without light.


Thank you, God, for light.


Day Two – Sky

Use 2 fingers to make a pair of scissors and pretend to cut through something. God split the

water and sky appeared.

Think about the sky, and the air around you. Isn’t it amazing that the air contains just the right amount of oxygen for us to breathe! Take a deep breath and enjoy the air.

Thank you, God, for the sky.


Day Three – Flowers, Trees & Plants

Hold up 3 fingers and touch your elbow to make a tree shape. Flowers, plants and trees, one

for each finger.


Think about a flower and all the tiny different parts. Now think about the biggest tree you

have seen, that whole tree grew from just one seed! Plants are amazing too, think about your

favourite fruit, imagine yourself tasting it now.


Thank you, God, for flowers, trees and plants.


Day Four – Sun, Moon & Stars

Hold up 4 fingers, your palm is the sun, use your thumb to make the moon, wiggle your

fingers to make stars.


Think about the sun, imagine sitting and relaxing in the warm sun. Now think about the

night sky, the moon gives us just the right amount of light to see, but it’s still dark

enough to sleep. The stars are arranged in formations, so we can use them to help us know where we are. WOW!


Thank you, God, for the sun, moon and stars.


Day Five – Birds & Fish

Hold up 5 fingers, flap your hand like bird’s wings, then wiggle your hand in

front of you like a fish.


Think about the bird flying in the air, how do they stay up? You might see some if you look out the window. Think about all the different kinds of fish, all the colours, patterns and shapes.


Thank you, God, for the birds and the fish.


Day Six – Animals and People

Hold up 6 fingers, 4 on one hand, and 2 on the other. Turn your 4 fingers over – these

are the animals. Your 2 fingers on your other hand are the people. They all lived together

– make your animals run around your people.


Think about your favourite animal, or your pet. What makes them special? Why do you love them so much? Now think about yourself, and other people. What is amazing about people? Why are people different to animals?

Thank you, God, for animals, and thank you for me.

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What do you want to do next?

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